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Aman Sachan

Graphics Programmer | Software Engineer | Game Developer

Demo Reel

(Tech Focused)

Last Updated: 27th Sept, 2017


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Vulkan, C++, GLSL

  A real-time cloudscape renderer in Vulkan.

  It is based on the cloud system 'NUBIS' that was implemented for the Decima Engine by Guerrilla Games for the game 'Horizon Zero Dawn'

Hand Of God

Unreal Engine 4

  Hand of God is an asymmetric co-op game, where one player is the ‘Runner’ and uses a traditional game controller while the other is a ‘God’ and uses the HTC Vive to reach into the world for an immersive feel.

  The goal is for the 'Runner' to move and stay ahead of the Darkness that swirls around along their dangerous path and for the 'God' to help the runner through this arduous journey. If the Runner cannot move forward fast enough, the darkness envelops them for a grim end.

CPU Monte Carlo Path Tracer

C++, OpenGL

  Monte Carlo Path tracing is a rendering technique that aims to represent global illumination as accurately as possible with respect to reality. When combined with physically accurate models of surfaces, accurate models light sources, and optically-correct cameras, path tracing can produce still images that are indistinguishable from photographs.

Boids with CUDA


  GPU Flocking Simulation written in CUDA

Visualize 1.6 million particles running at 60fps

Tested on: Windows 10, i7-7700HQ @ 2.8GHz 32GB, GTX 1070(laptop GPU) 8074MB

WebGL Clustered Deferred &
Forward Plus Shading

Javascript, WebGL, GLSL

  Can simulate over 2100 lights at 60 FPS.

  A WebGL implementation of Clustered Deferred and Clustered Forward Shading Techniques.

Interesting Level Generator

Javescript, WebGL

  A procedural multi-layer dungeon generator that generates levels based on a dynamically generated voronoi like graph after it has been heavily modified by various filters.

  Realistic fog, crumbling pathways, and terrain are added over the basic level layout to give it a unique mysterious foreign world aesthetic.