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Aman Sachan

Graphics Programmer | Software Engineer | Game Developer

Demo Reel

(Tech Focused)

Last Updated: 27th Sept, 2017


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CPU Monte Carlo Path Tracer

C++, OpenGL

  Monte Carlo Path tracing is a rendering technique that aims to represent global illumination as accurately as possible with respect to reality. When combined with physically accurate models of surfaces, accurate models light sources, and optically-correct cameras, path tracing can produce still images that are indistinguishable from photographs.

Art Of Collisions (Maya Plugin)

C++, Maya API, MEL

Group Project

  A real-time simulation of particle-based rigid body dynamics based on the paper "Unified Particle Physics for Real-Time Applications" by Macklin, Muller, Chentanez, and Kim.

Boids with CUDA


  GPU Flocking Simulation written in CUDA

Visualise 1.6 million particles running at 60fps

Tested on: Windows 10, i7-7700HQ @ 2.8GHz 32GB, GTX 1070(laptop GPU) 8074MB

Mini Minecraft

C++, OpenGL, GLSL

Group Project

  A tiny game built from scratch in the style of Minecraft.

  Features I Implemented: Efficient Terrain Generation (interleaved VBO's and mesh hull drawing), general material property mapping scheme, weather, clouds, a day and night cycle, animated textures and more.

Interesting Level Generator

Javescript, WebGL

  A procedural multi-layer dungeon generator that generates levels based on a dynamically generated voronoi like graph after it has been heavily modified by various filters.

  Realistic fog, crumbling pathways, and terrain are added over the basic level layout to give it a unique mysterious foreign world aesthetic.


Javascript, WebGL

  Simulation of 3D Metaballs, which are organic looking n-dimensional objects