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3D Modelling





Awards and Honors

  It was a national project competition was themed around 'Smart Solutions for Transportation and Energy' and awarded a total of Rs.21,50,000 in prizes.

  My team reached the finals on the backs of Helios.

  My team's abstract, “Increasing the efficiency of a solar system using single axis tracked auxiliary reflector: Design and comparison with horizontally fixed panel with tilt, comparing efficiencies”, was selected for presentation among 50 others in the finals. To put that into perspective, we out performed over 10,000 students across 500 colleges in India

Vidyut 2K14

(Departmental Fest, BMSIT&M) [September 2014]

  •   Head of the sponsorship committee;

  •   Master of ceremonies for the event ‘Minute to Win It’;

  •   One of the prime coordinators of the fest and member of the core committee;

  •   One of the key speakers in the valedictory address

Consistently amongst the top runners under the 'Open 10K Run' category.

  •   2012: Overall Net Rank: 708 out of 7000

  •   2014: Overall Net Rank: 2052 out of 10903

  •   2015: Overall Net Rank: 1799 out of 7737

  It is a Student Project Competition focused on ideas from science and engineering that were implemented and showcased by student finalists. It is held in conjunction with an exhibition called 'ELECRAMA' held annually in the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre, Bengaluru. This gives it a huge audience from various fields in the industry. The competition disbursed Rs.5,00,000 in prizes.

  My team reached the finals on the backs of Helios.

  My team's project received a grant from IEEMA of Rs.14,000/- along with a travel allowance for being finalists in the competition.

  Lead a 6 member team; won Rs.1,50,000/- as prize money that was awarded to the institution.

  The contest involved analyzing and documenting an environmental report that discussed the energy and water consumption of the campus, and the overall environmental impact of such, while suggesting ways to reduce our environmental footprint. The contest additionally required the penning of 2 essays on the themes: ‘The Tragedy of the Commons’ and ‘Circular Economy and Systems Thinking’.

  Through this competition I brought BMSIT&M into the fold of Wipro’s ‘Continuous Engagement Program (CEP)’, that aims to devise deeper, more meaningful engagement with the earthian awardees, change the institutional thinking processes, initiate action on sustainability issues and help develop the institution as a greener, more sustainable campus.

  Roles and Responsibilities: Team Lead, sole author of the essay ‘Circular Economy and Systems Thinking’, editor of both the essays, co-author and editor of ecological report.